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The VLCC Personal Care Line carries many products for skin-care, hair-care and body-care, providing solutions every day beauty care needs. All products are herbal / ayurvedic in nature and have been formulated to suit all skin and hair types. The products are made from special blends of botanical extracts and aromatic oils, which are unique and highly effective. The secret of why VLCC beauty care product works so well lies in the careful balance of activity, hydration, nourishment and protection, which rebuilds the skin's natural defenses from the inside.

The study of nature's healing properties is an ancient discipline. Now you too can reap the benefits of this time-honoured tradition. Biotique combines the aspirations of the great previous civilization with the ultra-modern technology. It brings to you the secret of knowledge of plants, flowers, roots, shrubs & their extracts.

A guru of gorgeousness – Shahnaz Hussain exudes an aura of herbal confidence. Our list of products in this category includes all the world famous INTERNATIONAL range of Shahnaz Hussain for skin care, body care and hair care IMPORTED DIRECTLY FROM SHAHNAZ HUSAIN COMPANY. It combines ancient herbal remedies with scientific techniques very effectively. Shahnaz products are proven effective for years in treatment of skin moisturizing and nourishing, blackheads, acne, pigmentation problems, skin rejuvenation, dandruff control and hair loss. Click of products to get more details.